CHING® Flying Disc Evolution

CHING® D.R.A.F.T.™ Technology

Dynamic Rotation Air  Flow Transition Technology
Patent #7081032

CHING® has developed the current predominant Flying Disc technology with improved Ergonomics & Aerodynamics.. (a better grip &  speed-spensitive turnover resistance).


CHING® Dynamic Rotation Air Flow Transition™ Flying Discs are exceptional in the Flying Disc industry, thanks to our Patented Excelerator™ Contours.


Strong foundations in flight analysis and stability were already conceived in Patents US #4,568,297 and US #5,531,624. We combined those concepts of 'changing aerodynamic configuration based on speed to compensate for understability' with 'spoiler design for throwability, superior distance and superior flight path predictability '. Our 2006 Patented CHING® D.R.A.F.T.™ Systems resist turnover without reducing glide in recreational, Ultimate, and Sport Discs - from Putters to Drivers (US Patent #7,081,032). Check the  Evolution of Flying Disc Technology  link at the top of this page for a historical overview of our technology.


​   Patterns of Excelerators (contours in the flight plate) are designed to combine during flight to generate favorable aerodynamic performance. ​​ The faster the disc spins, the more pronounced the spoiler action for speed sensitive balance during flight. This recessed airfoil improves control & performance without sacrificing distance from the excess drag of raised rim designs. More control & smoother flights...


..a couple FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about how it works: